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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movie Review: Bahubali (11th Jul 2015)

Frame by frame, AWESOME making by Dir S S Rajaouli.  Watched in Tamil version, but never felt like origin is Telugu. Excellent work by entire team, esp Sabu Cyril's artwork, M M Keeravani's music, Cinematography by K K Senthil Kumar.  Anusha's make-up should have been made better.  Overall defenitely a MILESTONE for Indian Cinema.

Must watch in theater, by all audience!  Don't miss it !


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  2. Visual effects are definitely the best or on par with very less movies made in India based on VFX..Story could have been better though .. I guess people are appreciating its visuals and not talking about the actual stuff that defines any movie good or bad.. It was treated as regular commercial masala entertainer with no logics with 100cr Visual effects.

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  4. I felt the story line wasnt so great. You can predict the story. People compare it to 300. Visual effects are good but still you can identify the CG. But I wouldnt say the movie is very great. First half should have been much better.