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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Review: Avan Ivan (17 Jun 2011)

Please don't go with expectation.  First half goes very casually, like TVSxl on Highways.  Usually Bala's screenplay would be interesting, but this movie at interval easily anybody can guess the remaining plot.  Vishal & Aarya performance is good.  No innovation in Songs & BG by Yuvan.  Climax fight is well taken.

Once watchable.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie Review: Aaranya Kaandam (10 Jun 2011)

ROCKING performance by entire team.  Perfect casting and excellent Re-Recording by Yuvan.  NO SONGS which is PLUS for movie success.  Awesome dialogues.  Camera work is too good. 

You may feel the movie tempo is slow, but at the end sure will be SATISFIED, watched a good movie.  Neat & clean screen play.

Must watch in good theatre (without KIDS).

Movie Review: Aanmai Thavarel (06 Jun 2011)

Good Movie by Dir Kulandhai Velappan.  Movie has some minor flaws which could have been corrected.   On the whole, story goes with clean plot (based lined with 'TAKEN' movie), especially the internet based BID.  A must watch movie for girls (precisely for BPO female employees)

Worth Watchable.