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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Movie Review : Kabali (21st Jul 2016)

Super Star...as usual rocks in his own way.  Mystery starts from title itself as the complete title portion was in malay with NO native language voice-over. Dir Pa Ranjith could have done this better.  Screen play could have been racier. Santhosh Narayan scores well in music on the whole, esp the "Maaya Nadhi" song was a brilliant fit to the story. The same with "Neruppuda" song, perfect fit.  Too many casts with equal weight-age that itself personally I felt as messy.  Among the castings highlight is Attakathi Dinesh as Super star's amicable characterization given space for Dinesh's comedy performance. One good thing is Rajinism on action sequence is not at all there in the movie. Need for villain Tony (Winston Chao) is not justified, this could have been done well as well.

Given the hype movie did not scored well.  So go with no high expectation. Just enjoy the super star ingredients.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Movie Review: Thaarai Thappattai (16th Jan 2016)

Good narration of reality of traditional Indian music bt Dir Bala.  Isaingnani is at his best as usual, we have no eligibility to comment on it.  One best thing of Dir Bala is evident that be it Varalakshmi or Gayathri, NO difference can anyone spot when they perform traditional dance.. Just awesome!  As usual Dir Bala's given us a new inspiring villain RK Suresh.. excellent performance.

Another Epic Film !

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movie Review: Bahubali (11th Jul 2015)

Frame by frame, AWESOME making by Dir S S Rajaouli.  Watched in Tamil version, but never felt like origin is Telugu. Excellent work by entire team, esp Sabu Cyril's artwork, M M Keeravani's music, Cinematography by K K Senthil Kumar.  Anusha's make-up should have been made better.  Overall defenitely a MILESTONE for Indian Cinema.

Must watch in theater, by all audience!  Don't miss it !

Friday, February 6, 2015

Movie Review: Yennai Arnidhaal (5th Feb 2015)

Just another Gowtham Menon's "Cops" movie.  1st half is completely SLOW which could be done better as bit racy.  2nd half (after 10 mins) Dir proved his screen play.  Ajith & Arun Vijay, Vivek and Others raised up the movie by their best & suttle performance, WELL JUSTIFIED their role. Nothing great to comment :( on music by Harris Jayaraj, however not bad too.  Despite the initial feel of watching Gowhtham's "Vettayaadu Vilayadu" at the end  you will watched a good another tamil cop movie.

Surely WATCHABLE, by all audience!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Movie Review: Kaththi (23rd Oct 2014)

Nice & clean message from Dir Murugadoss.  Hats off to his bravery attempt & dialogue.  Hero Vijay justified his acting to the script, without over acting. Heroine Samantha.. Just as PICKLE nothing much to quote.  Sathish comedy was in-line with story and his dialogue delivery "Collector aiya neenga romba nallavaru" imitating Thalabathi Rajini, was just awesome. Cinemotography could have done better esp in songs, not so impressive as vijay's dance was not elevated in right way though he danced well.  Perfect fit of climax song by Yesudas.

NOTE: This film should not be seen just as FILM, rather take away the msg and bring the constitutional change.

Don't miss it.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movie Review: Arrambam (31st Oct 2013)

Dir Vishnuvardhan gave a decent techno-based action pack against corruption, which should be seen without any expectation (esp on logic).  Predictable screenplay.  However hats-off for the guts to show a mass hero as COMPLETE negative role at the beginning, indeed for not having Ajith's duet.  Ajith stylish look is good, but bulkish, needs a control/refine. Arya did not score much.  Though any efforts should be appreciated, his fatty look over the flashback is too dramatic & unwanted. Nothing much to quote on heroines, as really nothing impressive. Yuvan music & BG is OK.  Stunts were good, except the noisy gun-shots.

Watchable, casually. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Movie Review: Onayum Aatukuttiyum (2nd Oct 2013)

Hats off to Myskin for such a wonderful making.  Story is simple but the way it was told, that's where the difference.  General comment (I heard at least) like could have been better & racy and its usual like dark style etc... viewers pls understand it's Myskin's film.  OMG.. can't imagine how many lines of dialogue they would have written?.. Only BGM drives the movie. Raja (sir) is always Raja.. better say in local language "Raaja... Rajaadhi Rajan indha Raja"!.   Kudos to entire TEAM.


PS: Principally I post my review for movie I watch in theater only.  This is exceptional and don't want to miss this opportunity to post.  Excuse me for this.