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Friday, December 23, 2011

Movie Review: Rajapaattai (23 Dec 2011)

Dir Suseendran took a Politically Hot subject, but messed it up by making a commercial movie.  Vikram's flashy costume is big -ve as it try to cover his elderliness.  Heroine utterly waste.
Yuvan disappoints.

Below average movie.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Movie Review: Mambattiyan (17 Dec 2011)

Sema mokka.  Vadivelu disappoints.  One good thing is that a song sung by Simbu is missing in the film, which is visually a BLENDER.

Overall Big Flop.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Movie Review: Mouna Guru (16 Dec 2011)

Good action thriller by Director Santhakumar.  Music Director Thaman did a clean BG score though songs were not good.  Perfect casting but Arulnidhi should improvise his acting skill to sustain further.

Good to watch.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Movie Review: Osthi (08 Dec 2011)

Regular Masala.  Nothing big to add.  LR Easwari song disappoints. 

Just Time Pass.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Movie Review: Poraali (1 Dec 2011)

Simple story taken well.  Good screen play.  Sasi & Samudhrakani Team again WINS.  No big score in Songs.  Music could have been done better. 

Good Movie.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Movie Review: Mayakkam Enna (25 Nov 2011)

1st 2 hours was taken good & then as usual Selva's SADism pushing 15mins as 1 hour.  Excellent team work.  GVP & Photography scored big. 

Good to watch (resisting the SAD part)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Movie Review: Thambi Vettothi Sundaram (21 Nov 2011)

Director VC Vadivudaiyan made a perfect movie based on a true story.   Good screen play which made no where the film went down, except the perfect marketting/screening.  Karan did a good job as "Sundaram", in fact lived.  Other supporting actors too did well.

Good & Watchable.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Movie Review: Vithagan (19 Nov 2011)

"Vethu Gun".  Same old (Tamil) Cop story.  Could have been made watchable, if hero was ARYA/Vishal/someone else other than Parthiaban.  It's really horrible to see Parthiban as hero, now a days.  Story line is combo of "Kakki Sattai", "Vetri Vizha", "Pokkiri" etc. 
Below average movie.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movie Review: Velaayudham (26th Oct 2011)

"Kaakkaa utkaara panam pazham vizhundha kadha"... This is what story line of Velaayudham.  Director Raja assumuing a "Super Hero" subject, taken a "Super Comedy".  Nothing bigh to quote.

Below average movie.

Last but not least:
"Nerukku ner ortuharkooda sandai pottu avarai kolluvadhrku udhavuvadhu AAYUDHAM"...
"500 pera oru theater kulla vara vechhu kolluvadhrku udhavuvadhu VELAAYUDHAM"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie Review: 7aam Arivu (25th Oct 2011)

Really an 'Eye Opener' from Director Murugadoss on preserving Tamil Culture/Art/Science etc.  Songs are VERY BIG negative for movie flow.  In fact without song also could have been released, akin "Kuruthipunal", "Payanam" etc.  Not sure why none of ARM's assistant didn't raise this point.  Sruthihasan suits very well for her role in the movie.  Can't imagine what would happen if we really get into a BIO WAR as conceptualised in the movie.  If govt is not prepared for it yet, it's better to think on that line for prevention if need be.

7aam Aarivu (7th Sense) - go & watch it without 6th sense (just to avoid silly questions)...

Movie Review: Vaagai Sooda Vaa (01 Oct 2011)

It's a clean documentary on 'Child Education'.  Almost entire Kalavani's crew is engaged in this film with exterme performance.  Heroin's dubbing voice is EXACTLY same as Kalavani's heroine, which could have been avoided.  Songs & picturization is good.  Director SARGUNAM & the team did a fantastic work.
Worth watching.

Movie Review: Vedi (01 Oct 2011)

Director Prabhu Deva(lu) made a pakka Telugu type action movie in Tamil.  Only Stunt Master & Music Director were engaged/utilized fully in the film.  Songs are just OK.  Comedy miserably failed by Vivek.  Overall 'VEDI' - only for sale within AP, but manufactured from TN.

'Vedi' - 'Telugu Nedi'

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movie Review: Yengeyum Yeppodhum (17 Sep 2011)

Another GOOD love story, in the series of "Myna", "Angaadi Theru".  Good screen play & perfect BGM.  Songs are very perfect for the situation & impressive.  Last 30mins sadnes could have been trimmed.  Perfect casting & all performed well.  Excellent cinematography.

Impressive team work.

Movie Review: Vandhaan Vendraan (16 Sep 2011)

Director retained the touch of "Jeyam Kondan", so can call it as "JK-2".  Songs are OK but very big -ve for movie flow.  Heoine "Tapsee" doesn't score, infact fails.  Santhanam, Jeeva & Nandha did their best.

Average Movie

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Review: Mankatha (31 Aug 2011)

No doubt, it's a GOOD entertainer.  Yuvan's BG is big support for movie.  Due to multiple cast, Ajith's 50th movie expectation is neutralised.  Venkat Prabhu did a clean job in the screen play, but carries with a message that 'A clever can be success even in Criminal Activities', that sense wrong to the community. 

Overall Good to watch.

Movie Review: Yuvan Yuvathi (26 Aug 2011)

Casual entertainer.  As usual, Santhanam is 1st hero & rest all next.   Music is just OK, by Vijay Antony.  Heroine doesn't impress much.  Nothing much to add. 

Watchable for Santhanam's comedy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Movie Review: Rowdhiram (12 Aug 2011)

'Title' lives in the movie by Jeeva's expression & action.  Slow screenplay, slow dialogues & slow music/BG score is "-ve" for movie success.  Usual Jeeva's comedy is missing which is a big minus.  Action scenes were taken well.  Expectation fails. 

Average Movie.

Movie Review: Potta Potti 50-50 (05 Aug 2011)

Remake of Aamir Khan's "LAGAAN" with Tamil flavours.  But miserably fails in screen play, music, casting... what else? 

Except 'Minor' character & his left hand ("Alla-kai") others are total waste, including "SADA"gopan Ramesh.  "Chennai 60028" is still BEST for cricket based tamil movie.

Below Average Movie.

Movie Review: Veppam (29 Jul 2011)

Average Thriller... sorry director claims it as a "Thriller", but in my opinion its just like "Kid's Picture Puzzle".  Bcoz in picture puzzle, the final picture is always REVEALED. Music is just OK. 

Many places logic was missing.  Casting "Jothi" the pimp, "Balaji" hero's brother & "Karthik" hero did their best.  In 1st half many places dialogues were unclear. 

Finally when you come out you will feel NOTHING about the movie. 

Movie Review: Kaanchana - Muni Part 2 (22 Jul 2011)

Below average movie.  Dont expect too much bcoz of promo.  Retold "Muni Part-1" with CG & Casting.  Worst part is, at the end you will see a caption as "Muni Part 3 continues...".  Suggest Ragava Lawrence should save that money & can spend it for good cause. 

Childish (scary) Movie.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Movie Review: Deivathirumagal (15 Jul 2011)

Heart melting family story.  Director Vijay did an excellent job.  All cast performed well, especially the Baby Sara & Vikram.  What a performance ah?... awesome.  GV Prakash's BG score & songs are very good perfect match.  Decent comedy aligned with story by Santhanam & others. 

Though few questions are unanswered/illogical, being given a GOOD movie, we shall ignore it & support the movie to a great success.

Must watch movie.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Movie Review: Venghai (07 Jul 2011)

Hari's another cloning with NO BIG surprise.  Usual masala and casting is big -ve for movie's success.  Rajkiran+PrakashRaj+Ponnambalam... recalls their oldies. 

No big acting from Dhanush.  Comedy track disappoints. 

Time pass.  (Venghai... "Verum Kai")

Movie Review: Udhayan (26 Jun 2011)

Just a commercial movie from the series of "Sandakozhi", "Thimiru", "Malaikottai", "Thenavettu"..

Arulnidhi's walk & talk doesn't suits to a city hero (Vamsam to Udhayan).  Have to learn the transition from Karthi (Paruthiveeran to NaanMagaanAlla). 

Music is OK asusual in a commercial movie. 

Time pass.

Movie Review: 180 (25 Jun 2011)

Very normal story with slow screen play.  Camera work is good.  'Sandhikkaamal' song alone is good and others are waste, especially 2 slow motion songs are horrible. 

Director named the movie as the story about 180 days living of hero... But the fact is 7days is the movie life time.  So the right name should be just "7".

Watch in DVD, if you can.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Movie Review: Avan Ivan (17 Jun 2011)

Please don't go with expectation.  First half goes very casually, like TVSxl on Highways.  Usually Bala's screenplay would be interesting, but this movie at interval easily anybody can guess the remaining plot.  Vishal & Aarya performance is good.  No innovation in Songs & BG by Yuvan.  Climax fight is well taken.

Once watchable.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Movie Review: Aaranya Kaandam (10 Jun 2011)

ROCKING performance by entire team.  Perfect casting and excellent Re-Recording by Yuvan.  NO SONGS which is PLUS for movie success.  Awesome dialogues.  Camera work is too good. 

You may feel the movie tempo is slow, but at the end sure will be SATISFIED, watched a good movie.  Neat & clean screen play.

Must watch in good theatre (without KIDS).

Movie Review: Aanmai Thavarel (06 Jun 2011)

Good Movie by Dir Kulandhai Velappan.  Movie has some minor flaws which could have been corrected.   On the whole, story goes with clean plot (based lined with 'TAKEN' movie), especially the internet based BID.  A must watch movie for girls (precisely for BPO female employees)

Worth Watchable.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Movie Review: Azhagar Saamiyin Gudhirai (16 May 2011)

Hats off to Director Suseendran for Good Screen play with a simple & neat story. 

Except Saranya Mohan, all are best fit for their characterization.  Movie credibility increases by 
Nice Whip Lash on superstition thoughts..
Realistic village characterization (especially that "Minor").. etc.

Movie is Simply Superb.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Movie Review: Engeyum Kaadhal (07 May 2011)

Super Love Story... Very Well Taken...
Pls don't expect such review.

It's a simple musical album with intermediate dialogues.  Movie goes very slowly.  Few places comedy worked, but on the whole comedy FAILS.  'Nangai' song visually interesting & watchable.  Other songs audibly good.

Only watchable (in DVD)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Movie Review: Vaanam (06 May 2011)

No big message or motive for the movie.  "Evandi Unna Pethan" song disappoints visually and the heroin is NOT AT ALL worth for the song. 

Many places it gives wrong thoughts to audience like "Go for theft", "Sell Kidney, if you are in poverty" etc.  Brothal subject is "Pethal".  Under the banner fo TERRORISM, director Krish kept "Kaadhual Poo" for entire audience.

Below average movie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Movie Review: KO (22 Apr 2011)

Neat script & screenplay for an entertaining commercial movie.  TN Govt must have major stake on releasing this movie POST ELECTION.  KV Anand, Jiiva, Harris & the entire team performance is STUNNING.  Songs are good including a melody number "Ven Paniye...", but its an unwanted song. 

Good Commercial Entertainer.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Movie Review: Ponnar Shankar (10 Apr 2011)

Historical Drama. Those who like historical film, it is "POR Kalam"... For others it is "BORE Kalam".  Songs & fights drags the film tempo.  Sneha's charming is completely missing.  Kalainga'r anal parakkum vasanangal is missing entirely.  Prashanth did not scored big in acting.

Below average movie.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Movie Review: Maappillai (08 Apr 2011)

Original is ALWAYS original.  Hats off to Rajini & (Late) Srividhya.  Dhanush's Maappillai is below average.  Vivek asusual irritates with his slang.  Director Suraaj failed to make a Pefect Maappillai.

Big Disappointment.

Movie Review: Sattapadi Kutram (30 Mar 2011)

Real crap movie. 'Ramanaa' story line, plotted worsly by SAC.  SAC should realize that now it's 2011 and not 1980's. 

Big Flop.

Movie Review: Kulla Nari Koottam (29 Mar 2011)

Very simple story line.. but taken well subject to ingnoring few flaws.   Screen play could have been done better as racy.  Heroin (Remya Nambeesan) looks pretty and homely.. grabs attention.  No big score in MUSIC but "Vizhigalile" song is alone good (MD: Selvaganesh).

Once watchable.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Movie Review: Singam Puli (04 Feb 2011)

No big message or so, but a very normal story done well with commercial mix. Manisharma's music doesn't score much.  Santhanam ROCKS, as usual.  Jeeva + Santhanam has a good chemistry but Director failed to uitilise them well.  Jeeva did his dual role well with simple & neat variations.  2nd half gives the feel as lengthyyyyy...movie. 

Once watachable.. Time Pass.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie Review: Seedan (25 Feb 2011)

Though it's a remake film, without adding the Tamil flavours, director Subramnya Shiva did a good family movie.  Especially SULLANa saadhduva, aarpaattam yillama kaamichadhukke, oru "O" podalaam.  Slow screen play.  Vivek asusual irritates, but at few places made us laugh.

"Music" - Doesn't sounds good, but OK.

Overall Lighter Movie, commercially a "LOOSER"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Review: Nadu Nisi Naaigal (18 Feb 2011)

Physcho movie... Sorry not only the movie.. Director too, I guess.  Award winning movie for "2011 Worst Movie" contest, if held.  Great disappointment by Gowtham Vasudev Menon.  Please DO NOT watch with family, if you still wants to watch.

(must) "Avoidable" category movie.

Movie Review: Thambi Kottai (12 Feb 2011)

Below average movie.  So far Naren did selective movies and all were HITs.   This one is not like that.  He should have not done this movie.  Santhanam is the only satisfyin casting.  Big flop movie.

"Thambi Kottai" - Director vitta "Kottai"

Movie Review: Payanam (12 Feb 2011)

Radha Mohan's story flavour change is an welcoming effort, but since the story plot is known, scenes are more predictable.  Surprise/Turns are missing. Dramatic screenplay... could have been done better.  Teasing Tamil "HERO"s punch dialogues were made enjoyable.

Average Movie but watchable once.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Review: Thoonga Nagaram (04 Feb 2011)

Regular "Madhurai" village movie but screen play is good.  Kalavani's kalavanithanam kurayaama padam yedhuruKYANGYA. Comedy is missing but two AACHIs are compromising a bit on that front.  Nothing but to quote about Heroin Anjali, as usual a supporting character.

Once watchable.

Movie Review: Yudham Sei (04 Feb 2011)

It's a clean thriller.  Good castig done by the director, except hero.  Cheran's (cryed/closed) eyes are big minus for an action hero. It fails to deliver the look of Pride/Brave Officer.  Camera work is good.  Screenplay is good but could have done better as racy movie. Climax fight is excellent and there only we FEEL the movie name. 

Overall good & watchable.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Movie Review: Kaavalan (14 Jan 2011)

Vijay FAILS again...

Not sure why media markets it as a "Good Family Entertainer".  I personally pity Vijay for making another flop.  The regular expectataion of a good songs/dance is missing in this film.
"VIJAY" peyaril mattume.!!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Movie Review: Aadugalam (14 Jan 2011)

1st half is racy and excellent.  2nd half drags and climax is not impressive.  Songs are perfect fit to sequence and especially in a "otra kannal yen usura..." Dhanush dance is so natural & loveable.  Technically in all aspects excellent work by the entire team.  Background music is plus for movie drive, particularly in cock fight & hunt for kill. Vetrimaran, Dhanush, GV Prakash & Kishore did their very best and kudos to the team. 

Good & watchable once.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Movie Review: Siruthai (14 Jan 2011)

"Singam" alavukku seeralainnaalum "Siruthai" satisfies with minimum guaranteed commercial items. Karthi performed well in dual role, with decent variations.  Especially in introduction fight scene of DSP Rathinavel Pandian, he steps like CHEETAH.. hats off to Karthi.  Last 30mins is entertaining and fast. Sathanam did his best and rocking through out the film.

Good thing is though the story is baselined in AP (Andhra Pradesh), dialouges were in pakka Tamil which avoids exasperation. 

Film lacks brightness/colorfulness, not sure due to lighting or print quality.  This gives a feel that watching old movie.

Over all good entertainer.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie Review: Manmadhan Ambu (23 Dec 2010)

Simple story line but well taken.  Climax is horrible.  "Neelavaanam" song lip sync and the reverse shots... "Hats off" to Kamal.  All songs are picturised well.  One big drawback is "Live Recording of dialogues", in most places could not follow.  As usual 2 types of audience for this (kamal) movie, out of which one type will not enjoy it. Bar scene - drunkenmonk chat is enjoyable (Madhavan + Sreeman).. CITIZENs will love this piece.

+ ve:
* No duet for Kamal & Madhavan
* No kiss/hug scene
* Songs are well placed per the movie flow
* Sensible dialogue (like Zip in Girls blouse & Gent's pants are just for COMFORT)

- ve:
* Live recording (in important scenes)
* Climax
* Some place dialogue sequence is lengthy, so bit difficult to follow it up. 

TO DO: Go with no big expectation and enjoy the hours.

Movie Review: Easan (17 Dec 2010)

Known/seen usual revenge story with crime and thriller.  2nd half must have trimmed.  Flashback slow down the movie a LOT.   Camera work and Background Music is good. 
Casting was good: Samudhrakani (as Asst Commissioner of Police), AL Alagappan (as Minister), Nadodigal Bandha Party (as PA to Minister), Kajah Moidheen (as Commissioner) and the Killer Boy like everyone did their best in the movie.  "Jilla Vittu Jilla Vandha..." song is impressive and enjoyable with mild dance steps.  Climax is too violent and could have reduced.  Sasi's laundry list should ignore this film.

Movie Review: Nandha Lala (Dec 2010)

Not a commercial movie.  Scenes are watchable, but goes with slow temp.  No big story line.  Very goo action by Mishkin.  Ilayaraja's music is a big support for the movie's movement.  Logic is missing like how come a school going boy maitain the house with vison less grandmother & servant.  Not for all audience.

Movie Review: Tha (05 Dec 2010)

Good team, but could have done better.  Better luck next time, as this is 1st attempt.  Shanmugam & Govindan charaters are entertaining.  Music failed in many places.  Can't catch the reason for movie name "THA".  Climax was told differently and unexpected.  Very simple story, so no HIT. 

Movie Review: Nagaram (20 Nov 2010)

"Thalainagaram" re-told with twist, action and vadivel's comedy.  Hero's decission about a situation "Marriage vs Friendship" is highly IMPRACTICAL and ILLOGICAL.  Music fails.  Vadivel's intro & 100th theft comedies are good.  Heroin disappoints.  Time pass and once watchable.

Movie Review: Uthama Puthiran (08 Nov 2010)

Dhanush has to change his track, otherwise he will be no more in the industry.  Very poor screen play.  movie drags a lot.  Any director can go for a remake from other regional language, but don't know why this movie retain the nativity of the original language.  2nd half languae is "Tami-LU".  Genelia should try different role.  Another waste movie for this Diwali.

Movie Review: Va Quarter Cutting (08 Nov 2010)

Kick yilladha duplicate sarakku.  Great disappointment.  Big bore.  Not eligible to watch even in DVD.  Just forget this movie.

Movie Review: Myna (07 Nov 2010)

Simple/knwon story line, but plotted well.  2nd half accident scene pictured extremely well with good background music.  Comedy is enjoyable with story line.  Good climax (but I never like the tragedy end).  Better movie among diwali release.

Movie Review: Endhiran (01 Oct 2010)

Shankar n Rajini rocks.  Good entertainer.  Graphics are too good for tamil industry.  Villain Rajinin (Chitti Ver 2)  rocks.  Santhanam & Karunas disappoints.  Just go with no expectation (quite impossible bcos of promos...) u will enjoy the movie.  One thing I didn't get that why there was a say this film is "equal to holywood movie" !!! 
May... May.. wonder why this "May"? watch the movie to get an answer.

Movie Review: Boss (e) Baskaran (10 Sep 2010)

Another 'SMS' (Siva Manasula Sakthi).
Director Rajesh did his work well.  Don't expect too much, go for a casual watch and enjoy the movie with timing comedy throughout the movie.  Aarya & Santhanam pair works good.  Yuvan disappoints.  Nayan looks too matured, unfit for heoin any more.  Aarya's entire family casting is good and everyone acted well.  Jeeva's guest appearance is good n enjoyable.   Current trend slogan would be "NANBEN'da".

Santhanam Special Report:
1. Thanjavoorla PAYIR velayudho yillayo, yellar thalailayum MAYIR valaranum (he owns a saloon in the film and pray god for his business...)
2. Aadhaam Yevaalukkum porandha mootha payyan maadhiri yirundhukkkunnu (he teases an old man, who still write arrears along with Aaarya)
3. Mangooz Mandayan
4. LOVE'a "Alai Paayudhe Madhanva" maadhiri soldraanna "Aranmanai Kili" Raajkiran maadhiri soldiyeda? (he teases Aaarya)
5. Mudiye yillannaalum maasaa maasam vara customer da avan... avana poyi kalachitiye? (scold Aarya for disturbing his saloon business)
6. Pallu theikkaradhukku munnaadiye Paayasama ? (question to a man who ask for advance amt)
7. Onida thalayan over'a pesuraane !
8. Panni kutty yellan Punch dialogue pesudhu paaru.
9. Yenna sir binding panna book maadhiri poyi... kizhinju pona rough note maadhiri aayiteenga?
10. Bungla Naayi maadhiri thalai venchukkunnu....
& many more...

Movie Review: Bale Pandiya (06 Sep 2010)

No big message.  Title song is good and all the songs in the 1st half are good.  Vivek started again his "Karuthu Kandhasamy" role and so better someone stop him here..  Nothing much to quote about the film.

Rating: Below average

Movie Review: Naan Magaan Alla (20 Aug 2010)

Karthi did well and proves again that he fits for other than PARUTHI VEERAN face.  1st hald entertaining with timing comedies, suits well to Karthi and its enjoyable.  2nd half is full of action and over all the screenplay is good by Suseendhran.  Not sure how the director articulate MURDER SKETCH and all.. really impressive. Yuvan rocks with BG.  1 pathos song could have avoided.  No big/impressive message but good movie to watch.

Movie Review: Thillalangadi (23 Jul 2010)

Gentleman (Tamil) -> Kick (Telugu) -> Thillalangadi (Tamil)
Vadivelu rocks. Songs are watchable, especially in "Sol Pechu Kekkadha Sundariye..." song is a visual treat with multilpe Ravi & Thamanna (like Nee Kobapattal Naanum Kobapaduven.. Vijay's song).  Unrelalistic climax.  Politician n Police are not fools as projected in this movie.  
Movie expiry dt: 7 days from the date of release.

Movie Review: Raavanan (18 Jun 2010)

Mani rocks again, as usual. 1st half moves without revealing story line, then the 2nd half articulated well.  The climax is ultimate and touching.
Characterization: Vikram (as Raavanan), Prithiviraj (as Raamar), Ishwayra Roy (as Seetha), Karthik (as Hanuman) and so on...