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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movie Review: Arrambam (31st Oct 2013)

Dir Vishnuvardhan gave a decent techno-based action pack against corruption, which should be seen without any expectation (esp on logic).  Predictable screenplay.  However hats-off for the guts to show a mass hero as COMPLETE negative role at the beginning, indeed for not having Ajith's duet.  Ajith stylish look is good, but bulkish, needs a control/refine. Arya did not score much.  Though any efforts should be appreciated, his fatty look over the flashback is too dramatic & unwanted. Nothing much to quote on heroines, as really nothing impressive. Yuvan music & BG is OK.  Stunts were good, except the noisy gun-shots.

Watchable, casually. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Movie Review: Onayum Aatukuttiyum (2nd Oct 2013)

Hats off to Myskin for such a wonderful making.  Story is simple but the way it was told, that's where the difference.  General comment (I heard at least) like could have been better & racy and its usual like dark style etc... viewers pls understand it's Myskin's film.  OMG.. can't imagine how many lines of dialogue they would have written?.. Only BGM drives the movie. Raja (sir) is always Raja.. better say in local language "Raaja... Rajaadhi Rajan indha Raja"!.   Kudos to entire TEAM.


PS: Principally I post my review for movie I watch in theater only.  This is exceptional and don't want to miss this opportunity to post.  Excuse me for this.

Movie Review: Raja Rani (29th Sep 2013)

Mouna Raagam re-told with added flavor & characters.  Jai & Nazria scored well compared to Aryan & Nayan.  Songs were picturized very well & refreshing when watching on big screen, GV Prakash is another vitamin for this movie.  Dir Atlee's attempt is good & commendable especially the unique "one liner" about "life"... fact.. fact.. fact.  Santhanam is as usual and no big difference.

Once watchable.