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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movie Review: Thandavam (29th Sep 2012)

Story narration was good but screen play should have been made little faster.  Few places it was indigestive about performance by a blind.   Vikram & Anushka love track is good for a watch, recalls Gajini mildly.  Comedy is also underplayed by Santhanam in-line with story which is good.  Nazar could have been utilized more.

Once watchable. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Movie review: Saattai (22nd Sep 2012)

Samudhrakani & Thambi Ramaiah are acted well and perfect casting.  Story line is easily predictable from the opening itself, which may impact the delightness in watching it further.  No impressive climax, as it ends like abruptly.


Movie Review: Sundarapandiyan (15th Sep 2012)

No wonder in a 'Fruit shop' you can expect only 'Fruit' and not a MEAL.  As the Dir Prabhakaran came from 'Sasikumar & Samudhrakani' team, this movie has the footprint of Sasikumar's previous film(s). But the movie was taken well and watchable.  

Good for a watch.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Movie Review: Mugamoodi (1st Sep 2012)

Dir Myskin attempt was commendable and he did well, indeed he tried a typical South Indian Meals in Continental/Barbeque Resturants.  That's the ball game, well it did not succeed. Climax was crappy, as usual in any BAT MAN movies (there is no differnce Hollywood/Kolywood). 2 songs (Vaaya Moodi & Kudi Vaazthu) are ok by Music Dir K, esp the Ilayaraj's 'Anna Kiliye' song mix in Kudi Vazhthu was nice.  Naren charactersation did not impress well, as claimed/hyped.

Recommended for KIDS (only).