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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movie Review: Yengeyum Yeppodhum (17 Sep 2011)

Another GOOD love story, in the series of "Myna", "Angaadi Theru".  Good screen play & perfect BGM.  Songs are very perfect for the situation & impressive.  Last 30mins sadnes could have been trimmed.  Perfect casting & all performed well.  Excellent cinematography.

Impressive team work.

Movie Review: Vandhaan Vendraan (16 Sep 2011)

Director retained the touch of "Jeyam Kondan", so can call it as "JK-2".  Songs are OK but very big -ve for movie flow.  Heoine "Tapsee" doesn't score, infact fails.  Santhanam, Jeeva & Nandha did their best.

Average Movie

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Movie Review: Mankatha (31 Aug 2011)

No doubt, it's a GOOD entertainer.  Yuvan's BG is big support for movie.  Due to multiple cast, Ajith's 50th movie expectation is neutralised.  Venkat Prabhu did a clean job in the screen play, but carries with a message that 'A clever can be success even in Criminal Activities', that sense wrong to the community. 

Overall Good to watch.

Movie Review: Yuvan Yuvathi (26 Aug 2011)

Casual entertainer.  As usual, Santhanam is 1st hero & rest all next.   Music is just OK, by Vijay Antony.  Heroine doesn't impress much.  Nothing much to add. 

Watchable for Santhanam's comedy.