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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Movie Review: OK OK (15th Apr 2012)

Movie sure will keep you happy, ofcourse due to Koliwood's Sachin.  Yeah, like Sachin.. Santhanam perofrmed his role with fullest best possible way, which only drives the movie.  Dir Rajesh must change his track for more better creations instead of same type of plots, ofcourse he deserves it. 

Formula: OK OK= 1st OK for Santhanam & 2nd OK for Dir Rajesh & Hanshika

Good movie for a casual watch.

Movie Review: 3 Three (14th Apr 2012)

Did not meet the expectation, even 1%.   Puliya Paarthu Poonai Soodu potta maadhiri yirukk, Dir Aishwarya's attempt on this movie (lot of resembleance of Selvaragavan's "Mayakkam Yenna?").  Honestly after watching this movie, if you listent to "Kolaveri" song it irritates.

Crap movie.  Must avoid.

Movie Review: Dhoni (11 Mar 2012)

A good eye-opener for Parents.  Excellent attempt to bring revolution in education system.  I wish it should not go vain, as treating by just a movie.  Govt/Politician should give a thought to it.

Parents - Must Watch   &  Childrens - Must NOT watch.