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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Movie Review: Velaayudham (26th Oct 2011)

"Kaakkaa utkaara panam pazham vizhundha kadha"... This is what story line of Velaayudham.  Director Raja assumuing a "Super Hero" subject, taken a "Super Comedy".  Nothing bigh to quote.

Below average movie.

Last but not least:
"Nerukku ner ortuharkooda sandai pottu avarai kolluvadhrku udhavuvadhu AAYUDHAM"...
"500 pera oru theater kulla vara vechhu kolluvadhrku udhavuvadhu VELAAYUDHAM"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Movie Review: 7aam Arivu (25th Oct 2011)

Really an 'Eye Opener' from Director Murugadoss on preserving Tamil Culture/Art/Science etc.  Songs are VERY BIG negative for movie flow.  In fact without song also could have been released, akin "Kuruthipunal", "Payanam" etc.  Not sure why none of ARM's assistant didn't raise this point.  Sruthihasan suits very well for her role in the movie.  Can't imagine what would happen if we really get into a BIO WAR as conceptualised in the movie.  If govt is not prepared for it yet, it's better to think on that line for prevention if need be.

7aam Aarivu (7th Sense) - go & watch it without 6th sense (just to avoid silly questions)...

Movie Review: Vaagai Sooda Vaa (01 Oct 2011)

It's a clean documentary on 'Child Education'.  Almost entire Kalavani's crew is engaged in this film with exterme performance.  Heroin's dubbing voice is EXACTLY same as Kalavani's heroine, which could have been avoided.  Songs & picturization is good.  Director SARGUNAM & the team did a fantastic work.
Worth watching.

Movie Review: Vedi (01 Oct 2011)

Director Prabhu Deva(lu) made a pakka Telugu type action movie in Tamil.  Only Stunt Master & Music Director were engaged/utilized fully in the film.  Songs are just OK.  Comedy miserably failed by Vivek.  Overall 'VEDI' - only for sale within AP, but manufactured from TN.

'Vedi' - 'Telugu Nedi'