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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Movie Review : Kabali (21st Jul 2016)

Super Star...as usual rocks in his own way.  Mystery starts from title itself as the complete title portion was in malay with NO native language voice-over. Dir Pa Ranjith could have done this better.  Screen play could have been racier. Santhosh Narayan scores well in music on the whole, esp the "Maaya Nadhi" song was a brilliant fit to the story. The same with "Neruppuda" song, perfect fit.  Too many casts with equal weight-age that itself personally I felt as messy.  Among the castings highlight is Attakathi Dinesh as Super star's amicable characterization given space for Dinesh's comedy performance. One good thing is Rajinism on action sequence is not at all there in the movie. Need for villain Tony (Winston Chao) is not justified, this could have been done well as well.

Given the hype movie did not scored well.  So go with no high expectation. Just enjoy the super star ingredients.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Movie Review: Thaarai Thappattai (16th Jan 2016)

Good narration of reality of traditional Indian music bt Dir Bala.  Isaingnani is at his best as usual, we have no eligibility to comment on it.  One best thing of Dir Bala is evident that be it Varalakshmi or Gayathri, NO difference can anyone spot when they perform traditional dance.. Just awesome!  As usual Dir Bala's given us a new inspiring villain RK Suresh.. excellent performance.

Another Epic Film !