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Friday, February 25, 2011

Movie Review: Seedan (25 Feb 2011)

Though it's a remake film, without adding the Tamil flavours, director Subramnya Shiva did a good family movie.  Especially SULLANa saadhduva, aarpaattam yillama kaamichadhukke, oru "O" podalaam.  Slow screen play.  Vivek asusual irritates, but at few places made us laugh.

"Music" - Doesn't sounds good, but OK.

Overall Lighter Movie, commercially a "LOOSER"

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Review: Nadu Nisi Naaigal (18 Feb 2011)

Physcho movie... Sorry not only the movie.. Director too, I guess.  Award winning movie for "2011 Worst Movie" contest, if held.  Great disappointment by Gowtham Vasudev Menon.  Please DO NOT watch with family, if you still wants to watch.

(must) "Avoidable" category movie.

Movie Review: Thambi Kottai (12 Feb 2011)

Below average movie.  So far Naren did selective movies and all were HITs.   This one is not like that.  He should have not done this movie.  Santhanam is the only satisfyin casting.  Big flop movie.

"Thambi Kottai" - Director vitta "Kottai"

Movie Review: Payanam (12 Feb 2011)

Radha Mohan's story flavour change is an welcoming effort, but since the story plot is known, scenes are more predictable.  Surprise/Turns are missing. Dramatic screenplay... could have been done better.  Teasing Tamil "HERO"s punch dialogues were made enjoyable.

Average Movie but watchable once.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Movie Review: Thoonga Nagaram (04 Feb 2011)

Regular "Madhurai" village movie but screen play is good.  Kalavani's kalavanithanam kurayaama padam yedhuruKYANGYA. Comedy is missing but two AACHIs are compromising a bit on that front.  Nothing but to quote about Heroin Anjali, as usual a supporting character.

Once watchable.

Movie Review: Yudham Sei (04 Feb 2011)

It's a clean thriller.  Good castig done by the director, except hero.  Cheran's (cryed/closed) eyes are big minus for an action hero. It fails to deliver the look of Pride/Brave Officer.  Camera work is good.  Screenplay is good but could have done better as racy movie. Climax fight is excellent and there only we FEEL the movie name. 

Overall good & watchable.