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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Movie Review: Arrambam (31st Oct 2013)

Dir Vishnuvardhan gave a decent techno-based action pack against corruption, which should be seen without any expectation (esp on logic).  Predictable screenplay.  However hats-off for the guts to show a mass hero as COMPLETE negative role at the beginning, indeed for not having Ajith's duet.  Ajith stylish look is good, but bulkish, needs a control/refine. Arya did not score much.  Though any efforts should be appreciated, his fatty look over the flashback is too dramatic & unwanted. Nothing much to quote on heroines, as really nothing impressive. Yuvan music & BG is OK.  Stunts were good, except the noisy gun-shots.

Watchable, casually. 


  1. Make it simple.. Must watch.. Exceeds the expectations.. My rating 4.5 / 5

  2. Murugs.. Go home - your are drunk !!

    1. Thalaiva padathuku vandha comment a copy adichu, neenga oru agmark vijay fan nu prove pannetenga.. sondhama yosinga boss..

  3. Perfect Review! Almost all your points are correct.
    Just to add your comments: Arya irritates in the beginning and makes up in the end with his funny comments (may be only when watching with Tamil Audience on day 2). But, the important scenes are from Hollywood movies, like Sword Fish, Mission Impossible 4, etc..... When will they stop copying!