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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Movie Review: Thandavam (29th Sep 2012)

Story narration was good but screen play should have been made little faster.  Few places it was indigestive about performance by a blind.   Vikram & Anushka love track is good for a watch, recalls Gajini mildly.  Comedy is also underplayed by Santhanam in-line with story which is good.  Nazar could have been utilized more.

Once watchable. 


  1. Review about your movie review : (LoL)
    Anna ,
    We expect more from u.This review seems to be less discriptive. Not giving clear picture about the movie. Whether its watchable or not, How was the music and songs , about the location , photography etc... ;)

    1. Sure, will do. BTW would be nice to know from whom this comment is?, as I see the name as 'Unknown' :).