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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Movie Review: Manmadhan Ambu (23 Dec 2010)

Simple story line but well taken.  Climax is horrible.  "Neelavaanam" song lip sync and the reverse shots... "Hats off" to Kamal.  All songs are picturised well.  One big drawback is "Live Recording of dialogues", in most places could not follow.  As usual 2 types of audience for this (kamal) movie, out of which one type will not enjoy it. Bar scene - drunkenmonk chat is enjoyable (Madhavan + Sreeman).. CITIZENs will love this piece.

+ ve:
* No duet for Kamal & Madhavan
* No kiss/hug scene
* Songs are well placed per the movie flow
* Sensible dialogue (like Zip in Girls blouse & Gent's pants are just for COMFORT)

- ve:
* Live recording (in important scenes)
* Climax
* Some place dialogue sequence is lengthy, so bit difficult to follow it up. 

TO DO: Go with no big expectation and enjoy the hours.

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  1. Great going Gopi. A much awaited Blog from you. May be you can also give rating:-)